Frequent Asked Questions

Company Information

Where can I view your terms and conditions?
Our terms and conditions are located here and must be accepted upon registration.
Will my registered information be given out to anyone?
All information received is stored securely on our server and will never be given out to third parties under any circumstances.
Can I set up a reseller account with you and what benefit is there?
Once registered and logged into your account you can apply for reseller status. If your organisation sells to the public or an end-user and can provide an ABN, then you qualify for reseller status. This will provide product and services at trade prices and allow you to mark the product up for an ongoing sale. We will provide application confirmation to you within 24 hours.
I am a reseller. Must I register to view my trade prices?
No. However when placing your card order you must register should you wish to gain reseller status and preferential pricing. The reseller pricing schedule is located here and will require a password. You will receive this upon registration or sending through an email request to


What file formats do you require?
  • Graphics (vector): .ai, .cdr, .fh10, .fh11
  • Graphics (bitmap): .jpg/.jpeg, .pdf, .psd, .tif (@ 300dpi)
  • In-house printing (RGB), off-shore printing (CMYK)
  • Database - we accept CSV, XLS, XLSX
  • Fonts - to be provided or converted to outlines/paths
Can I download artwork specifications for my artwork department?
Yes. All card templates and digital specifications can be found here. We have also included a zipped non-branded set should you wish to add your company details for your clients.
Must I supply the artwork or are you able to lend a hand with design & layout?
Our team can assist you to create a plastic card and/or carrier design for your organisation, all the way through to manufacturing of these products.
What approval process do you have in place?
We endeavor to provide you a digital proofing sheet with all card specifications including graphical layout within 24 hours. This is your last chance to make any changes to the card prior to the production process. Once signed you are committed to proceed with the order.
What if I want to see my card before placing an order? Can I get a sample?
If you are looking for more than just a digital proof we can, for a nominal fee, supply a hard copy prior to commencing production. Normal delivery times will only apply once the signed proofing sheet has been received.

The Card

Are the cards exactly the same specification as a typical credit / debit card?
In every aspect. All our cards conform to ISO 7810, 7811 and 7813.
Can you supply cards of differing thickness?
Yes we can. The standard thickness is 0.76mm however 0.5mm and 0.38mm are also available. Typically business cards will use 0.5mm card stock while telephone cards will use 0.38mm card stock.
Can I personalise your cards using my own plastic card printer?
Absolutely. Our cards can be personalised on any recognised brand of plastic card printer able to print to an ISO 7810, 7811 and 7813 card. We also can supply ribbon so please enquire here and to have a proposal forwarded containing pricing and delivery turnaround.

The Service

What is the difference between your ‘in-house printing and ‘off-shore’ printing services?
Both options have advantages over the other. In-house printing is slightly more expensive due to the printing process however is the best option if the cards are required urgently and less than 250 in volume. Off-shore printing is far more cost effective for higher quantities but delivery can take a little longer.
What if I require additional cards to my original order?
It really comes down to whether you’re getting the cards printed in-house or off-shore. In-house printing can be supplied in quantities as low as a single card. However should the card consignment have been manufactured off-shore then additional cards should always be considered for inclusion during your original order as small subsequent reorders can prove very costly.
If I need any addition information, how can I get in touch?
You may email your enquiry to
What if I am not satisfied with my cards?
All placed orders will require proofing approval by you before commencing however, if the delivered product differs from the signed-off artwork or is defective, we will reprint your order at no further cost to you without further question. If the delivered cards are what was promised Plastic Passport will not accept any returns.
You mention automating your site. How will this be a benefit to my organisation?
Plastic Passport is working very hard to streamline the card ordering process so that our customers can maximise their time doing what they do best. We will soon be launching updates to the site that will allow you to track your current orders, view historical and re-order at the click of a single button. We will be adding a merchant facility allowing instant online payments and simplifying many other processes for our customers over the remainder of 2012.

Ordering & Delivery

What is the minimum card order I can place with you?
Typically our in-house printing caters anywhere from 1 to 2000 cards and for cards that are printed externally (off-shore) we have a minimum quantity of 250.
How do I go about placing an order?
It is our intention to allow all customers to track their current and historical card orders so you must register your details prior or upon placement of your first order. The member’s area will be home to your contact information, historical data, proofing approvals, job re-ordering, etc. Click here to register or login.
How long will my order take to be delivered?
From receiving your signed approval we will typically deliver within 3-4 days for in-house printed cards and 12-14 days for externally (off-shore) card supply.
What is the process for ordering new and replacement cards on a daily basis?
Simply send your new card request to with the relevant information (photo and variable text) and we will endeavor to have your requirement in the post within 72 hours. (Please note that only name and relevant ID number need be supplied for replacement cards as all previously supplied information is held securely by Plastic Passport).


What are your payment terms?
Our terms are generally 14 days net however for orders over $1500 we require 50% payment upon placement of order with the balance 14 days from receipt of order.
What methods of payment are available?
There are 3 ways in which to make invoice payments.

By cheque: Made payable to Plastic Passport

Bank: ANZ
Name: Plastic Passport
BSB: 014-245
Acc. #: 4540-59322

By Visa or MasterCard: Complete details at bottom of invoice and email to or fax to (07) 3264 1002
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